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Whether you are looking for a tower, pedestal or remote oscillating fan, you will find the greatest selection of fans at our website. We invite you to read below to start shopping for a fan that fits your specific needs and wind power requirements.

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You can find the greatest selection of oscillating fans in our specialized fan store. Fan types can be sorted by price, color, as well as brand. Read actual user reviews to determine which oscillating fan is best for you and your family. In our store you will find trusted fan brands such as Honeywell, Holmes, Lasko and even the highest quality Hunter oscillating fans available. There are literally hundreds of oscillating fans to choose from in our store, with most shipping within one business day.

Oscillating Fans and Costs Related to Features

There are many oscillating fans on the market and the purchase price for these fans can vary greatly by features. A fan that oscillates, simply means that it will rotate. This directional wind control feature alone will add to the cost of a traditional fan that does not oscillate. Other features can include towers, pedestals (desk or table fans) and even remote controls. When shopping for an oscillating fan, keep in mind that there are additional features that will add to the cost including fan speed, included ionizer and even the product materials (plastic, steel, etc.).

As with most small appliances used in our homes, oscillating fans typically come with a one year limited warranty which covers repair or replacement. Especially fans that are limited in features, you will most likely discover they will last many years if properly maintained. Fan maintenance normally requires a simple cleaning to maximize its life.

While the cost of oscillating fans can range from $20 to $100 or more, an oscillating fan can minimize air stagnation that reduces comfort we expect in our homes. Especially where air conditioning is not available, or is simply outside of ones budget, an oscillating fan can affordably get the job done.

An oscillating fan comes in a variety of sizes. I prefer the 12" oscillating fan for my home but others may prefer a 16" oscillating fan for even greater air circulation and coverage. Regardless of the size you choose, it is important to make sure that the product has the air circulating power needed for the application being used.

In most cases each fan has some form of variable speed controls. All of mine are of the 3 speed oscillating fan type, but other speed options do exist. This is especially important if the fan will be operated near any paper products which can easily be blown away by high speed fans.
Oscillating Fan Types
In our oscillating fan store you will find a variety of fan models including pedestal, tower and remote controlled models. Most models come with a limited warranty and service agreement. In our store you will find many of the top oscillating fan brands including Holmes, Honeywell, Hunter and Lasko.
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